The case for Britain’s global role

In essence: the world’s status quo (free trade and the liberal values upheld by democracies) underpins the UK’s prosperity; but this world order is fragile, and Britain has consistently failed to predict from where the next threat to it will come from. In order to defend hard-won liberal values, and not waste our lucky inheritance, the UK should continue to identify its interests with those of the free world, and promote its willingness and the means to act globally – and if necessary, independently – to protect them.

This lucid paper by Bernard Jenkin MP and George Grant published by the Henry Jackson Society is worth reading.

2 thoughts on “The case for Britain’s global role

  1. George Grant


    I’m glad you liked the report. It is very much intended to keep a necessary debate open; the question is how keen is HMG on having it. Would be good to hear your thoughts on this.

    George Grant

    1. Alex Hickman

      Hi George – sorry for such a slow reply – my thoughts would be ‘not very’ – I fear this subject is considered much too important and complicated to be widely shared – pity and needs to change. Good luck, Alex

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