38 is a collection of poems and prose.

They describe the impact that my father’s death had had on me. He died when he was 38, and for a long time I assumed my life would also end at 38. This triggered various consequences, and made the crossing of this line quite significant.

The poems and prose run chronologically, and include extracts from my father’s diaries and letters. To buy a copy at a 10% discount please click here. All proceeds will be donated to the Environmental Justice Foundation’s ‘Save the Sea’ campaign to stop pirate fishing which is destroying fish stocks and impoverishing poor coastal communities in West Africa (www.ejfoundation.org).

7 thoughts on “38

  1. Mark

    Hi Al.

    Impressed that “38” is published! I tried to access it at Lulu.com but a search of Alex Hickman finds no results…. Any sugesstions?

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