British Summer Time: highlights


Children do homework at kitchen table.
Turned and rolled earth in south east corner of garden.
Planted six trees: 4 apples (cookers), 1 damson, 1 greengage. Plus stakes.
Applied grass seed to south east corner of garden, and elsewhere.
Ate lunch outside on terrace (hot ham and baked potatoes). Sunglasses. Salisbury IPA.
Mowed lawn.
Wrote (sort of).
Cricket on freshly mowed lawn. Lectured son #1 about moving feet.
Watered new white horn beam hedging + six trees + grass.


British Summer Time (BST) begins.
Mothering Sunday breakfast: bacon, boiled eggs, toast, marmalade, cards.
Violin and guitar practice.
Made spaghetti bolognaise.
Family walk across field including granny, dog and rugby ball.
Picnic lunch on freshly mown lawn (spaghetti bolognaise, green salad, salted caramel ice cream. Ramsbury Silver Pig Stout). Granny’s dog ran amock when let off lead.
Wrote (sort of).
Swam in very cold river with boys. Happiness = drying off from river swim in afternoon sunshine and first warm breeze of year. Happiness also = walking across fields with daughter on shoulders.
Planted early potatoes (Vales Emerald).
Watered new white horn beam hedging + six trees + grass seed.
TV supper (smoked salmon, toast, cheeses. Ramsbury Gold).

One thought on “British Summer Time: highlights

  1. Myers, Dominic

    Al – love it – you need to get on a treadmill mate – sounds like you spent the whole weekend eating you ol dog. Seriously, enjoyed it.

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